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Corrosion in Music

Musicians in their lyrics or even band names have expressed the power of corrosion in its many forms.

Moral In Corrosion: "Hear the bigot preach, you don't want to miss his speech about just how simple life is. "Just follow the yellow brick road, to paradise to which it leads". Well, I've got a thorn stuck in my eyes, and I can't fucking see. Row upon row, raised to not believe Marching on to mental vasectomy. Speak no evil lest thou shall be condemned but do no good-just mend for yourself. Survival of the fittest. Darwinism expressed in righteous egoism "Help yourself and fuck the rest. "Rob all, rape all, kill all. Be victor or victim. I'm on top, so what I've got blood on my hands? It's just the price you've got to pay".



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