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Corrosion Patterns or 'Beauty of the Beast'

When one is traveling the country he or she has many occasion to encounter the beauty of natural sceneries. The assemblage of colors and forms often defy or inspire artists with results we can admire in museums. Corrosion has many negative synonyms and for most of us it is simply decrepitude or the loss of a needed tool or vehicle. However, corrosion or rusting is a natural process that tries to reclaim human made objects to a primordial state more in line with the energy of the molecules these objects are made of.

The picture icons shown here are snapshots of this process that reveal the beauty of the beast in its many corrosion patterns. You can click of these pictures to see a higher resolution version of the art. Please respect our disclaimer if when you make use of these pictures.

Bronze statue cracked due to corroding iron

Leaking pit

manhole corrosion

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