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Anion: To watch closely with one eye.

Anode: To understand, as in "anode that was right".

Atom: An un-neutered male cat.

Cathode: A poem to a girl named Cathy

Cathodic Reaction: The kiss or slap following cathode.

Cation: To be watched closely by a feline.

Caustic: To be sharp tongued.

Concentration Cell: Solitary confinement.

Current Density: Today's stupidity.

Electrical Balance: Motorized bathroom scales.

Electrode: A road for an electric train.

Electrolyte: An incandescent or fluorescent light, as opposed to a kerosene lamp.

Electromotive: An electric train.

Embrittlement: To become hard-hearted.

Galvanic: Transportation of girls by car or bus.

Galvanic Coupling: Intercourse taking place during transportation of girls by car or bus.

Galvanic Series: Transportation of girls by 2 or more cars or buses.

Ground Bed: A sleeping jail without a cot.

Half Cell: A narrow jail.

Inhibitors: Parents of girl being present.

Ion: To watch closely.

Molecular: A lawn infested by moles.

Neutralization: To castrate.

Oxidation: A primitive farming technique, using ox drawn plows.

Oxide: Hide or rug made from skin of an ox.

Passivity: A non-responsive reaction displayed by partner during intercourse.

Polarize: Frozen eyeballs.

Precipitation: Falling down a steep hill.

Proton: In favor of heavy dates (male/female).

Rectify: To tear up.

Reduction: A stocking area with mallards.

Solution: The answer to the problem.

Stagnation: A country with no women.

Stress Cracking : A nervous breakdown

Valance: A rod to hang curtains from.

Note: a few of the above definitions are sexist. This dates back to when engineering was almost completely a male profession. If you can suggest alternatives, please do. I have altered a few of the above from my original source. (reference)