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Corrosion Risk

There are several levels of risk-based assessments, usually described as qualitative, semi-quantitative, and quantitative. These vary considerably in the amount of effort and input needed and the accuracy of the resultant assessment. The qualitative assessment is usually performed to determine risk associated with whole or large portions of process units. The semi-quantitative and quantitative assessments are usually performed to determine risk associated with individual equipment items. (reference)

Professionals performing risk analysis and assessment for large or complex systems go by what is termed a risk triplet. The risk triplet is a set of three questions uses to define risk:

  1. What can go wrong?

  2. How likely is it? and

  3. What are the consequences?

The goal of the section of the Corrosion Doctors Web site is to provide some simple examples on how much corrosion can cause a risk in much more mundane situations. After all many of us are not pipeline operators in Alaska, or have to repair and maintain bridges.

Our visitors are also encouraged to contribute to this section by providing their own stories to our