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Global Warming: Questions

Common Questions about Climate Change
By United Nations Environment Programme - World Meteorological Organization

  1. Has the World Warmed?
  2. Are Human Activities Contributing to Climate Change?
  3. What Human Activities Contribute to Climate Change?
  4. How Do We Know that the Atmospheric Build-up of Greenhouse Gases Is Due to Human Activity?
  5. What Climate Changes Are Projected?
  6. How Reliable Are Predictions of Future Climate?
  7. Are Recent Extreme Weather Events, Like the Large Number of Atlantic Hurricanes in 1995, Due to Global Warming?
  8. Why Do Human-made Greenhouse Gases Matter When Water Vapor Is the Most Potent Greenhouse Gas?
  9. Why Should a Few Degrees of Warming Be a Cause for Concern?
  10. Why Can't Ecosystems Just Adapt?

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