Automatic Optimization of CP Systems

Computer simulation can also be used to automatically optimise the number and location of anodes to achieve protection. Areas of over protection or under protection can be eliminated.

The optimisation technology can be applied to any application but one of the first was the solution of a ship. The ship was protected with an ICCP system including 2 anodes and a centre controlled power supply. The anode currents determine the potential level on the hull surface and an automatic iterative process of adjusting the anode currents and running the BEM software was used to obtain the required solution. A simulated annealing algorithm was used to evaluate the optimum.

The final optimum location of anode and electric potential on the ship hull is illustrated in Figure 15. The electric potential of the initial anode position at x = (15,1) and final optimised location at x = (3,3) along a line on the ship hull 1.25 metres below the water line is shown in Figure 16.

The result obtained represents a more evenly distributed electric potential on the ship hull. That is one of the most significant benefits of the optimisation process. The reduction in the area of under or overprotection achieved by the optimum process enables the ICCP system to protect the ship hull from corrosion more effectively

Computer Simulation as an aid to CP System Design and Interference Predictions, Robert Adey and John Baynham, BEASY