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Modelling Aqueous Corrosion: From Individual Pits to System Management

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Manadon, Plymouth, U.K., September 6-8, 1993 edited by Kenneth R. Threthewey,and Pierre R. Roberge

NATO SCIENCE SERIES: E : 266 April 1994 Hardbound 476 pp. ISBN 0-7923-2820-5

All significant studies agree that aqueous corrosion continues to cost nations dearly in almost every area of technological endeavor. Over the past ten years, microcomputers have facilitated an explosion in the power of modeling as a technique in science and engineering. In corrosion they have enabled better understanding of polarization curves, they have transformed the scope of electrochemical impedance measurements and they have placed a large range of electrochemistry at the fingertips of the corrosion scientist.

This book focuses on the models, rather than the computing, which have been made possible during the past decade. Aimed at all those with an interest in corrosion and its control, the book draws together the range of new modeling strands, suggests new avenues of approach and generates further momentum for improvements to corrosion management, whether by increased understanding of atomistic processes or by control of large plant.

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