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Handbook of Cladding Technology ( 2nd Edition)

by L. Smith and M. Celant

CASTI Publishing; Publication Date: January, 2000;1-894038-30-4 (Book) 1-894038-31-2 (CD-ROM) Bound 6"x9" 267 pages ($125.00)

This newly updated (2000) CASTI handbook covers all aspects of clad products - the different means of manufacture, properties and applications in various industries. Topics include: an introduction to cladding technology, clad plate, clad pipes, bends, clad fittings, specification requirements of clad products, welding clad products, clad product application and case histories from around the world. Unique to this book is the documentation of case histories of major cladding projects from around the world and how the technology of that day has withstood the demands of time. Filled with over 100 photos and graphics illustrating the various cladding technology examples and products, this book truly documents the most recent technologies in the field of cladding technology used worldwide. This book is available in print and as an Acrobat PDF e-book on CD-ROM which is fully searchable, hypertext linked, with each page printable.

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