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The Second Survey- Educating the Engineer

The second survey carried out by the Corrosion Doctors focused on educating corrosion engineers.It was carried out between October 5 and 16 1999. While one hundred and fifty visitors came to the survey page, only sixty had enough assurance in themselves to answer the questions. However these daring guests had, between themselves, more than one millennium in years of corrosion experience.

"What should be the primary degree of a corrosion engineer?"

"What did you graduate in yourself?"

In order to simplify the analysis, Metallurgy or Metallurgical Engineering were classified as Materials Engineering since many universities have moved in that direction over the past two decades. While it seems that many corrosion engineers believe that Materials Engineering is the best relative preparation for becoming a corrosion engineer, you can sense, by reading the comments that no single degree seems to fit the bill.