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The Fifth Survey - Working with Others

In his 1952 paper, F.L. LaQue stretched the importance of basic knowledge for performing good corrosion engineering, the requirements of reliable information sources. LaQue also indicated, in that landmark paper, the required ability to get along with others. As LaQue wrote the work of a corrosion engineer will bring him into frequent contact with responsible people in many other branches of his organization:

In their fifth survey the Corrosion Doctors tried to define the interactive nature of the corrosion work performed by corrosion specialists.Thesurvey was carried out between November 25 and December 15 1999 by invitingthe members of two very active corrosion electronic discussion groups (UMIST and NACE International) to participate and answer simple questions by stating their opinions on options provided. The following results summarized the answers provided by thirty-one participants, totaling 500 person years of field experience.

First question: "What fraction of your corrosion work requires (or required) working with others?"

Second question: "What fraction of your corrosion team work relates to working with other corrosion specialists?(the balance should relate to working with non specialists)"

Third question: "What expression would best describe the manner in which you perform you corrosion work?" A choice of nine options was provided, the ninth being a catch all or a mixture of the other eight.

Fourth question: "What percentage of your corrosion work has to do with establishing the actual cost of corrosion?"