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What is super-rust?

Super-rust is not a new plague, although some engineers have implied that it is. Instead older steel without constantly sound maintenance becomes increasingly subject to accelerated corrosion. With tough economic times, maintenance is a common cost cut-back area that can lead to super-rust. This means that super-rust isnít contagious as an airborne virus may be. It also means that poorly cared-for steel pipe can be subject to super-rust and to failure. (reference) Super-rust


Three solutions provide the greatest steel gas pipeline protection from super-rust:

  1. Maintain steel carefully using high-quality corrosion-resistant coatings. A Web search will show dozens of coating products geared to help control super-rust and regular corrosion as well. Repeat coating and steel viability inspections often.
  2. Replace steel pipe before it reaches the end of its useful life span, as specified by the manufacturer. Often this lifespan is set at 30 years.
  3. Consider replacing steel distribution lines with plastic materials that wonít corrode. Newer plastics let utilities use them even in high-pressure applications