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Survey of human factor

In view of the discrepancies found in the various studies published for the past few decades and the opinions expressed by a few field specialists, Corrosion Doctors decided to carry an opinion poll on the subject of the human responsibility towards corrosion failures.

The Jury is out and the verdict is not great at all, if one is only concerned with our overall societal welfare. However, this is great news for corrosion consultants, i.e. you and us the Corrosion Doctors. Fifty corrosion experts totaling more than 800 person-years of corrosion experience have keyed in their responses. Some of the comments they left during their visit can be viewed by clicking here: Comments

You can view the distribution of these responses by clicking here: Survey Results

4% of the participating experts believed the human impact to be less than 30% while 82% believed that the human responsibility should be set at higher than 75%.42%even believed that this number should be higher than 90%.

No matter how you look at these results, you have to conclude that the 30-40% estimates published repeatedly in successive studies do not seem to match our present reality.