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Corrosion Control - Use it, or lose it!

By Bill Nimmo. Manager of the National Corrosion Service.

No one expects a well-designed and manufactured product to fail to function as soon as it is taken out of the box. Equally it is unrealistic to expect the same product to last forever! A realistic expectation is that it will give useful service for a period of time that offsets the cost of replacement and when it fails this will be in a benign manner that does not affect safety or the environment. When this "lifetime" issue is primarily a result of mechanical performance most design and maintenance engineers, and product manufacturers, are well armed with tools, procedures and qualified personnel. It is also very likely that products are redesigned often to optimize their performance, minimize cost and take advantage of developments in technology and understanding. Unfortunately, this situation is not true for all the factors that affect the lifetime; corrosion and its control is rarely given enough resources or regular attention yet it is a common cause of failure. When was the last time that your organization reviewed its capability in this area and the effect that a problem would have on your customers and your business?

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