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Lithium Sulfuryl Chloride Battery

Sulfuryl chloride is a similar liquid to thionyl chloride but reacts with lithium to produce only SO2 and lithium chloride. The elemental sulfur that is additionally produced in thionyl chloride cells is thought to be involved in certain hazardous cell events and therefore Li/SO2Cl2 may be a safer system. Commercialization of these cells has been held back by problems with corrosion of the lithium by the electrolyte, which reduces the shelf life and causes voltage delay. This problem may be solved by the use of purer electrolytes and additives. SO2Cl2 dissociates to SO2 plus Cl2. Cells are produced that contain added Cl2 that is said to give the cells greater resistance to abuse. Li/SO2Cl2 cells do not support such a high rate discharge as Li/SOCl2 because of polarization at the carbon electrode. This problem is being approached through the addition of catalysts to the carbon. The electrolyte reacts aggressively with water.