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Silver Zinc Cells

This system has the highest gravimetric energy density of all conventional cells, a good shelf life and a flat discharge characteristic. It can operate down to -20oC. The silver primary battery is used widely in electronic equipment which requires a small compact power source. The high volumetric energy density ofthe Silver Oxide button cell, and its ability to deliver the energy at relatively high current drains, makes it ideal for miniature devices where space is limited. The silver oxide battery is also noted for its extremely stable discharge voltage, good shelf life, and ability to operate over a wide temperature range. These unique characteristics make these batteries best suited for applications such as low-power LCD watch and calculator displays, quartz analog watches, and some camera applications.

Silver zinc advantages and applications

Larger cells, in "reserve" format in which the electrolyte is kept separate from the electrodes until required, have been used in guided weapons, electric torpedoes and "one-shot" emergency aircraft batteries.

Silver Oxide batteries contain mercury and their use is downsized considerably for this reason, See Note.