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Someone once asked Albert Einstein how many feet were in a mile. 'I don't know,' he replied, 'Why should I fill my head with things like that when I could look them up in any reference book in two minutes?'

Welcome to Corrosion Doctors

For most of us, corrosion is the degradation of metals that is often called rust  and is a curse we have to endure helplessly. The mission of this popular Web site is to improve the general awareness of what corrosion is all about, from complicated processes that are at play even behind the simplest corrosion reactions to the impact corrosion may have on complex systems (pipelines, cars, central heating, ...) and human health (implants, allergies, toxic metals ...).

.Many are surprised when they learn that there are many ways to prevent and control this natural force. The Corrosion Doctors'visitors are also surprised when they learn that these corrosion processes may also be happening inside their own body!! However, the topics covered in the many pages of the Web site go much beyond metallic corrosion because ... what is corrosion after all?

 ... a daily annoyance? ... a complete shift in your way of looking at materials? ... part of your bread and butter? Please come in and see for yourself!

Corrosion Doctors also discuss the degradation of our lives due to toxic elements and the basic degradation of the planet because of pollution, global warming, and global dimming!  With more than 1,600 pages and thousands of external links, the Corrosion Doctors site is a good example of what lean information systems are about.

Launching date - August, 1999 - Number of visitors as of December 7, 2017:  20,106,220  

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