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Online Corrosion Course

This fully online course was designed entirely with Web resident material by a highly respected corrosion engineer and Professor. It used to be offered as part of distance programmes offered at the Royal Military College of Canada. However, it is now looking for a host University or alternate provider. if you have any suggestion please contact our  

Corrosion is responsible for the failure of many systems and structures. This course describes the importance of corrosion problems in relation to material cost, reduced performance, reliability, and impact on the environment. The course covers the basics of what makes environments corrosive, with an introduction to corrosion chemistry, to corrosion thermodynamics, and to the electrochemical theory that relates corrosion current with mass and thickness loss rates of various materials. Forms of corrosion are described in relation to environmental accidents and to methods commonly used to control corrosion. Examples of corrosion in water, soils, and in various atmospheres are also used to introduce these prevention techniques.

Textbook - Corrosion Engineering: Principles and Practice