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Corrosion in New Zealand

The following map shows how much corrosion vary greatly in New Zealand. Macroscopic differences exist between areas, with coastal regions being the most severe. Adapted from "Corrosivity Mapping - A Sensitive and Cost effective Means of Characterizing a Region's Levels of Atmospheric Corrosion" by G.A. King, paper 638, CORROSION 93, NACE International, Houston, TX, 1993.

Air Pollution in new Zealand

Auckland has an air quality problem, and 80% of Auckland’s air pollution is caused by vehicle emissions. New Zealand’s regulations on the sulfur content in diesel are a much worse than other comparable countries.

Maximum sulfur content permitted in diesel – in parts per million (ppm)



United States



European Union






New Zealand



Oil companies should be able to reduce the sulfur levels almost immediately to 1000 ppm for Auckland, at a cost of less than one cent per liter using existing technology. This voluntary reduction would remove about 1000 kg per day of fine particles from the air that NZers breathe. These potentially carcinogenic particles stay in the air for 30 days, and have deep lung penetration. The support of all four major oil companies is required to enable the NZ Refinery Company to refine diesel to 1000 ppm of sulfur. As of 15 June 2001, Caltex, BP and Shell have agreed to the lower sulfur levels. Mobil has refused.

Mobil has a diesel product called Synergy which it is claiming is environmentally friendly. Synergy includes an additive. There is no reason why Mobil cannot agree to remove the sulfur from diesel first, and then put in the additive. NZ air quality scientists say that Synergy has been introduced to New Zealand without going through a proper review process to determine its effect on human health and the environment.

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