Example 2

The effect of a CP system on the CRM field can be investigated using parameter studies. Such studies give insight into the effects of different designs and simultaneously provide quantitative data for a specific set of designs. In this study three different "CP systems" have been modelled with alternative anode configurations. The corrosion related electric and magnetic signatures for the case of anodes located above and astern of the propeller are shown in Figure 7.

It can be seen from Figures 6 and 7 that both the UEP field and the CRM field are modified significantly by the addition of the anodes. Similar studies can be performed to investigate the impact of ICCP system design and operation on the effectiveness of the protection of the ship against corrosion and the corrosion related signatures.

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Predicting corrosion related electrical and magnetic fields using BEM, Robert Adey and John Baynham, BEASY