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Corrosion in Poetry

Decadence, death, decay and many other synonyms have been associated to corrosion in effervescent emotions expressed in poetic language.

Our suffering has many causes: the way we bring up our children; the things we do or donít do for them; the hate, prejudice, intolerance, anger, abuse; the suppression, the oppression, and the countless other ways in which "passive" violence has become a part of human nature. All of these aspects of our negligence add to the corrosion of our morals and ethics. (reference 78)

The simulation of sex coalesces with the deregulation of the whole sexual economy, the corrosion of its relations with reproduction, and the collapse of its specificity: sex dissolves into drugs, trance, and dance possession; androgyny, hermaphroditism, and transexualism become increasingly visible; paraphilia, body engineering, queer sex, and what Foucault calls "the slow motions of pleasure and pain" of SM - already "high-technology sex" (Califia, 1993, p.175) - multiply.

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