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Black Rust

The Day the Earth Died, Part 1

We watched the world die, that last day before everything changed. Fire fell from the sky, eating alive anyone caught in its burning kiss. We held each other tightly and watched the skyline melt away. (reference)

We whispered our love desperately into each other's ears as the roar of death and destruction grew near. I wiped the tears from her eyes one last time before we were overcome by the world's anger and everything turned to black.

This was the end of everything. The end of us. The end of the world. The end of time.

But that, too, was a lie. We found ourselves reborn into metal and flesh, black rust pumping through our veins like hellfire.

How much time had passed? Who had come to our salvation and dragged our broken bodies from the mud to this cold, damp place?

Gears turned and spun under the shifting weight of my body awakening. I opened my mouth to scream, but no sound escaped the steel lips of my new face.

As my eyes adjusted to the gray sodium light I noticed others around me, monsters of decayed flesh and old metal awakening as I did. Someone, somewhere, was crying, whimpers floating through the room like digital sorrow.

Was this Hell?