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CPC Performance Testing

Simulated Maritime Patrol Environment

The results for products tested in the simulated P-3C environment and are shown in Figure V. Many of the WDSF products provided protection for between 1000 and 3000 hours with Boeshield T-9 the best performer at 5664 hours, at which time the test was stopped. This was a surprising result given that the WDSF CPCs are only soft films and they generally did not perform well in the NSS test. (reference)

Figure V. Times to failure for a range of CPCs in the simulated P-3C environment.

The NWDHF CPCs such as Ardrox 3322 and the NWDSF LPS-3 protected for 5664 hours; another excellent result. This length of time is equivalent to around 1062 flying hours or approximately 118 flight cycles for the mission type on which the cycle was based. It is significant that many products that performed poorly in the neutral salt spray test provided protection for much longer in the more benign simulated P-3C environment. The P-3C environment is less aggressive than the NSS test which is demonstrated by the fact that after 2 hours in the NSS test corrosion developed, whereas in the P-3C cycle no corrosion was observed until after 72 hours of exposure.

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