Galvanic series in flowing seawater

Fill in each of the blanks with one suggested keyword visible by 'clicking' on the arrow button besides each blank. The materials referred to should be organized by decreasing order of nobility, the first one being the least prone to suffer corrosion damage. 'Click' on the check button to assess your answers.

No1: Would an excellent choice if the water was always flowing
No 2: Very corrosion resistant but much too soft and expensive
No 3: Excellent but expensive
No 4: An even better choice for very fast moving water
No 5: A good choice
No 6: Why not
No 7: Could be better
No 8: Not so good
No 9: Corrodes happily
No 10: Will corrode readily and need protection
No 11: Corrodes very fast (makes powerful anodes)

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