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Mendeleev's Opinion on Global warming

From my single perspective, A Well-Ordered Thing (M. D. Gordin), I would have to say that from his experience, this is a very poorly understood and understudied scientific area, but the chemical nature of gases is that these substances (he did not entirely by into his own periodic table being an indicator of anything other than individual substances, not atom, issues...) are free to combine and associate in many random and statistically varied fashions. While being non-committal about specifics, he might agree that the many components of climate are governed by Boyle and Newtonian Physics, but larger scale of government organized studies should be funded to the benefit of farmers and industrialists, whom might benefit from the studies (assuming he could be an integral part of the project(s) ). Then, one thoroughly understood on a global scale, warming and/or cooling can be determined, though only statistically time dependent and cyclic trends are the most likely characteristics. Mendeleev seemed to prefer to predict on his own logic in a fashion that suggested he had no fear of error or fallacy. This was a human with a mission to accomplish what he could to serve the state and the communal inhabitants, and wait for others to accomplish what he could not. 

I still want to know if Mendeleev every engaged Rasputin personally and directly in affairs of Russian Governing. Mendeleev was cited in this book as publically and technically challenging the powerful Mystic influence  on the St. Petersburg governing class (Tsars and Tsarinas) in a sound and logical fashion. Surprisingly this affected the outcome of his test of the scientific strength of Metrology and of Mysticism! He seemed convinced that neither had scientific strength over the other.