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It will become clear that stray current problems involving different cathodic protection systems (current or voltage controlled groundbeds) and causing earth current corrosion, can be simulated using the software package CatPro. Even stray currents arising from earthed systems like welding posts can be calculated since these earths can be considered as injection points of a certain amount of current. The software system allows different pipe systems and cathodic protection systems entered in a single simulated situation, taking into account the effect of distinct CP systems on each other.

All cathodic protection systems make currents flow through the electrolyte in order to achieve a certain protection level for the protected structure. These currents might bring about earth current corrosion in neighbouring structures. This is called interference from cathodic protection systems. According to the kind and origin of the potential variations that come into play - cathodic or anodic - different types of interference are classified.

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Study and Evaluation of Stray Current Influences on Cathodic Protection Systems of Buried Pipelines, L. Bortels, ELSYCA - Kranenberg 6 - 1731 - BELGIUM, ELSYCA