Case 3: Potential distribution for two electrically connected pipes

The potential distribution for two electrically connected pipes with a coating holiday on one of them is shown in Figure 11. The analysis was made for a single value of soil resistivity of 1x103Wm. The influence of the aged coating of the bent pipe on the potential distribution on the straight pipe is considerably larger than in the previous cases where each pipe had a separate CP system. Also, the stray current from the bent pipe that was caused by the holiday does not appear in the current distribution plot of Figure 12. The plot was made of results at the location on the bent pipe that was most affected by the holiday in Case 2.

On the object of stray current corrosion see also: DC traction, Cathodic protection, Coating, Contour plots, Definition, Detection, Examples, External currents, Historical perspective, Impressed current, Interference, Mechanisms, Modeling. Pipeline, Potential distribution, Prevention, Stray fields and leakage, Transit systems

Computer Simulation as an aid to CP System Design and Interference Predictions, Robert Adey and John Baynham, BEASY