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Nikola Tesla Patents

Nikola Tesla made his first discoveries and inventions on the eighties of the last century. Searching for a non-commutator motor which would have eliminated major defects of Graham's direct current motor, in 1882 Tesla brilliantly invented the multiphase alternating current induction motor. At the same time this motor was the solution which made long-distance energy transmission possible, due to the possibility of transforming alternating currents into high voltage for more efficient transmission and low voltage for practical use.

In the following two years Tesla made futile efforts to arouse interest in European experts and ensure funds for realization of the new system of electric power generation, transmission and utilization. Finally, in 1884, he went to the USA with the recommendation from his employer in Edison's Paris branch. Edison, who was already famous and rich owing to his numerous patents and a series of inventions, immediately offered a job to Tesla, but was not interested in his alternating current, system. So their brief encounter ended and Tesla went his own way without Edison's encouragement and understanding.

After a seven-year break Tesla recommenced applying for patents, but this time in the field of turbines, pumps, fluids, lightning protectors, flow-meters and speed indicators. The majority of these patents were applied for in 1916. 'The last two patents Tesla applied for in the USA in 1921 and 1927 were in the domain of avionics.

The total number of patents issued to Nikola Tesla in the USA according to the evidence of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade amounted to 112. Here are 113 you can read by downloading the Acrobat files. plus additional British and Canadian Patents you never heard of:

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